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The use of services and / or contents of the portal, as well as navigation on this site by the user implies express acceptance and adherence to the Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and other standards in the published version, as well as the data protection policy. This Legal Notice does not exclude the possibility that certain portal services for their particular characteristics, are also subject to their own specific Rules for use

The direction and management of this page and the server is focused on Spain, like the society that manages it. To access the services offered on Club1X2 is required to be of age. This legal notice is a summary of the statutes of the Club. In case of contradiction prevails the provisions of the statutes of the Club. We recommend the desirability of each partner carefully read the statutes.

Object and purpose of Club1X2

Club1X2 is a group of investors looking to make profit in football betting investing significant amounts by day and season. Before the start of each season, the club manager sets minimum amounts that each investor must make to participate, and each investor making the contribution you want to perform for the entire season from the minimum contribution set by the managers

Once informed of the investment to be undertaken by each participant, and given the total investment available to the club for the season, the trustees determine whether it is advisable or not to participate with the available investment

Determined by the managers of the Club participate suitability of the available investment, each investor must pay the amount committed to be eligible for the receipt of your participation

Club1X2 conditions

  • The minimum value of a share, for the 2015-2016 season is $ 500 and there is no maximum limit to participate
  • The Club will participate from a total investment of 80,000 euros, although ideally a volume of investment of 100,000 euros
  • The Club will participate for 20 days with input from participants. The amount of the awards in excess of 80,000 euros and 120,000 euros to be reinvested in 10 days more or less.
  • The Club will start playing from the 9th day, and participate in days of weekend club manager considers most likely to award
  • The partner will have a private area in which Club1X2.com provide detailed information about their involvement, gambling playing the club, and results by day and by season. This information is private to the partner and disclosure to third parties under any circumstances are not allowed
  • Document Participation as a member consists of the receipt of payment of the participation and the statutes of the Club.
  • Before starting the season the coefficient of participation of each member and the distribution of prizes will take place each day in proportion to that number once the allocation to cover management expenses deducted will be published
  • Wins are paid according to the amounts set SELAE on the official list of prizes. Club Manager deducted 8% plus VAT of the prizes awarded to cover the costs of management, administration, promotion study, analysis, optimization, development and information
  • Taking part in the Club implies acceptance of the rules of the Club established by the manager of the club
  • The final balance that corresponds to each participant will be settled at the end of the season by subscribing to the current account of each participant. If the club gets jackpots, these will be distributed during the season according to the statutes of the Club.
  • For the recovery of the major awards won by the club, each member must give the club manager, power of attorney made before a notary, in favor of the manager of the Club, so that it can meet recovery operations and identification of the prizes SELAE winners before. The partners have preference shares in booking for next season
  • Club members may be individuals aged 18 years or legal persons
  • Not allowed to participate in the Club of individuals under 18, disabled people or people with addiction problems
  • The manager of the club, according to the study and analysis of each day, reserves the right to modify the amounts bet on each day, always looking for the benefits of the club and the partners
  • Bets are deposited in the Official Administration of State Lotteries, No. 15/41530 of Jaen, Calle Doctor Eduardo Garcia-Triviño Lopez # 1

Payment of participation.

The user can choose one of three methods listed below for payment of participation :

  • Pago con tarjeta
    • Payment is made with the security offered by the current technology, through your bank POS
    • When used as a payment system Credit Card, Club1X2 not make any surcharge on the value of income
  • Pago con Paypal
    • Payment will be made by crediting an account of Paypal entity; soporte@lotalia.com
    • Ingreso o transferencia bancaria
    • The user made the payment or transfer from the office or website of your own bank, sending it directly to the account of ING DIRECT Lotalia Sistemas on behalf of SL. In the bank transfer shall indicate name and DNI
    • In this case, the amount paid and the purchase until the receipt thereof is confirmed. The confirmation of receipt of the bank transfer can take up to three days to be effective

Information given in compliance with Law 34/2002

  • Manager: Lotalia Sistemas SL
  • Address: Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Triviño López 1
  • Contact: soporte@Club1X2.com - 953 820 005. If calling from abroad +34 953 820 005
  • VAT. B23331317
  • Registration details: Commercial Register of Jaen in sheet J-338 of Volume 12,564 Book 0 Folio 152

Intellectual Property

The contents of this website (text, images, audio and video) are protected by intellectual property laws. Brands in its generic sense contained in this site are protected by law as well as the contents, which may not be altered, modified, changed or adopted by the user

Club1X2 make use of the right law Intellectual and Industrial Property laws, exercising civil or criminal action against those infringing upon its rights

The user agrees to use the contents and / or items that you access through this Web services for their own use and needs no longer carry on any commercial, direct or indirect exploitation thereof or exploitation violates the principles of good faith and laws

Club1X2 User authorizes the private copying of the information on this page only to use the services offered and in accordance with the provisions of this Legal Notice. The above authorization does not include the transfer to third parties of information reproduced or storage or use in a server connected to Internet or a local network. Is exempt from the above, the services and content offered by Club1X2 through syndication files for inclusion in a web, as long as they respect at all times the characteristics of those files and are not altered or modified in any form

Nevertheless, Club1X2 grants no license or authorization of use of any class of its industrial or intellectual property. Particularly not grant any authorization for commercial use or for commercial advertising content of the information published

In the event that any user or third party considers that any of the contents of this site violates their rights of intellectual property, it must submit a soporte@club1X2.com communication or by fax 953 820 005, with the following information :

  • Name, address and email address of the plaintiff or, where appropriate, of the person authorized to act on his behalf, stating the title under which holds the representation (hereinafter the claimant)
  • Declaration by the claimant in claiming to be the owner of the infringed rights, including his signature, physical or digital
  • Accurate description of the rights protected by the supposedly infringed intellectual property content as well as their exact location within the portal
  • Declaration expressed by the claimant that the use of the contents has been made without the consent of the infringed rights

Right of exclusion

Club1X2 reserves the right to deny access to the portal and / or services offered without prior notice at its own request or a third party, to those users who violate this Legal Notice, Privacy and the other rules of this website

Derecho de desestimiento

Derecho de desestimiento, explicación


All notices, requests, demands and other communications to be made to the owner related to this Legal Notice and Privacy should of made in writing and shall be deemed to have been properly made when they have been sent by mail to Lotalia Sistemas SL - Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Triviño López 1, 23009, Jaén (Spain)

Responsibility for content

Club1X2 not responsible or guarantee that access to the website will be uninterrupted or error free. Club1X2 may, at any time, changes it deems appropriate

Club1X2 not control and is not responsible, in advance, nor own the services, content, products or material on the page or pages and are owned by third parties or to its legality, being the sole responsibility of the third

Club1X2 not responsible for the accuracy, quality, reliability, correction, morality of the data, programs, information or opinions, and any content and / or services contained in the portal

The contents are presented for information purposes and therefore lack any evidentiary value. We extend this principle to the results by e-mail or mobile

The official data on games solely to the documents signed by the issuing of the various lotteries available in their outlets entities. Always read and collate in any case the official list that is the only attests to the results, statistics and awards won

By way of example, but not limited Club1X2 not be liable for any damages caused, directly or indirectly to nature as a result of user :

  • The use or inability to use the services and contents of the portal, including force majeure, acts of God or other causes not attributable to it
  • The cost incurred for obtaining goods or services, or information and messages obtained or transactions entered into through or from the services of the web
  • Declarations of conduct, or any type of content, information element introduced by third parties through the web services
  • Modifications and / or suspensions of the contents or services of the portal. The user assumes sole responsibility for damages which, if any, arising from access to such content as well as any damage caused to your computer system by any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use services or for any loss of data resulting from downloading such material
  • Club1X2 not responsible for the content of any forum or debate that are linked to this web

Reservation of Rights and Disclaimer

Club1X2 reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and the rest of Standards at any time and without notice, provided under current Spanish legislation at any given time

Club1X2 exempts all liability :

  • De la información suministrada en Club1X2.com
    • Club1X2 exempts any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content contained on the page, not taking responsibility for the consequences of actions or claims that third parties may lodge
    • Club1X2 disclaims any responsibility for the decisions made by the user or by third parties from the information provided on the page, whether or not produced by themselves, or damages caused to the user or third parties for actions that are based solely on information from the page
  • De la calidad del Servicio
    • The operation of the website, which is not operative or is out of service, including force majeure or any other causes beyond Club1X2
    • For damages that may cause the information communicated on the page or in communications including technical or human errors in the information or data published or reported
    • Damages, losses, direct or indirect costs arising from the use of this page, or failure of performance, interruption, omission, error, delay in operations, system failures, failure or means of payment
    • Changes in the regulation of different drawings, which can cause a change in the services and information provided Club1X2 content
  • De la disponibilidad del Servicio.
    • Club1X2 not guarantee the continued operation of the products or services and making available to the user, or free of errors and is not liable for damages and / or losses that may result from the lack of accuracy or availability of this page
    • Notwithstanding the provisions of this Legal Notice, Club1X2 is empowered to terminate, suspend or discontinue at any time and without notice, the provision of services on this page. Similarly, the user may terminate, suspend or interrupt their user status of the shipping service of electronic communications, e-mail notice to the carrier @ Club1X2.com page. In both cases provided once the season and paid all balances corresponding to the participants
  • De los Enlaces
    • Club1X2 not control and is not responsible, in advance, nor own the services, content, products or material on the page or pages and are owned by third parties or to its legality, being the sole responsibility of the third
    • Club1X2 included in the website and in emails sent, technical link devices that allow users to access other pages. The existence of linked sites does not presuppose the existence of agreements with the managers thereof, or the recommendation, promotion or identification of demonstrations, contents or services provided Club1X2 and therefore is exempt from any liability for damages of any Nature for services and content
  • De los datos incluidos por los usuarios y medios de navegación
    • The use you may make of the information and materials available on this website if you infringe the rights of third parties not owned by or associated with the company
    • For any errors or security flaws that may occur as a result of the use by the user, not a browser or an earlier date or insecure version
    • The use by the user, in your browser, storage devices passwords or any other software that might cause damage, errors or inaccuracies that will cause a malfunction
  • De las amenazas informáticas.
    • Club1X2 realiza los mayores esfuerzos para evitar cualquier tipo de amenaza informática, virus, o cualquier software malintencionado que pueda ocasionar algún tipo de daño al sistema, base de datos, informaciones, diseños etc. Sin embardo, debido a que la tecnología informática en la actualidad no está libre de estas amenazas, Club1X2 no puede garantizar de forma absoluta que la página esté libre de software malicioso o malintencionado.


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Safeguarding standards

This Legal Notice, together with its Privacy Policy and the Special Conditions governing the use of a particular service and / or content in whole or in part, constitutes the entire agreement between the user and Club1X2 and replace existing previous verbal or written agreements till the date

If any provision of this Legal Notice, together with the above standards for each service, is declared invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will only affect that provision or part thereof, subsisting Standards everything else and not affecting the validity of other clauses of the same

This shall not apply with respect to those provisions which determine suppression significant decrease in the balance of the payments between the parties

In any case, Club1X2 agrees to substitute the invalid provision by another provision that most closely fits the intent initially pursued

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Legal Notice, together with the Privacy Policy and the other rules of this website are governed by Spanish law. Current regulations determine the laws that should govern and the jurisdiction of deciding about the claims between Club1X2 and the user of this site

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